Our Pastor and First Lady

Elder & Evangelist Kay


The Ministry
We are a Bible believing, Full Gospel, Pentecostal, and Holy Ghost filled Church located in Chicago's South Shore area. Our Parent credentialing body is the Pentecostal Assemblies Of The World Inc. We are a community Church with a family atmosphere.

Our Ministerial staff includes a Medical professional, Public School Educator, Business Professional, Transportation Professional, Conference Management Professional, Social Service Professional, two ordained Ministers, and two Licensed Ministers.


Our Mission

It is our mission and purpose to preach and teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to anyone willing to hear. To help men, women, and children apply the principle of Jesus Christ to their lives and become his disciples. To participate in and initiate charitable endeavors as we are lead by the Holy Spirit and are able on a local, national and, international basis. To empower our church and the surrounding communities to live victoriously through the understanding and application of the biblical principles given to us by GOD through the writings of the Prophets and Apostles as they were anointed by the Holy Spirit. ! We endeavor to implement social programs for our families and youth for positive change.

Our Vision

We will see spiritual rebirth, spiritual restoration and, Christian discipleship in the lives of our Membership and our surrounding communities. We will see positive change in our communities which will curtail domestic violence, gang violence, violent crimes, teenage pregnancies, divorce rates and, the spread of new HIV infections in our communities, city, state and nation . We will see and experience a fresh wave of the glory of GOD in this generation.